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LAST chance to cleanse before Spring

Posted May 08 2013 10:10pm

by mnfadmin on May 2, 2013




Ok, this is THE last time we're cleansing before Spring time when we reveal to you some very special stuff around my gentle body cleanse.  I've now had  over 700 people participate in my gentle cleanse programme since January!  That's a lot of healthy guts!  And because I do love your guts THAT much – I'm giving you one last chance chance this side of winter to get you little body firing into the cooler months.

Not familiar with my program?  Here's a recap.  PLEASE please please read the following.  My inbox gets flooded with questions about the cleanses and most of the answers are on the site here – but the main stuff is right here.  My gentle cleanse really is an easy, basic cleanse that anybody can do at any stage of their life.  Pregnant women can join in as can those breastfeeding – I've got a modified program just for you.  If you have a specific ailment and you're unsure, just email us to ask.  The cleanse is set up to support you through 5 days of getting your digestive system squeaky clean.  You may not know that plaque and gunk build up, even in the healthiest of guts.  The gut goes into overdrive to trap toxic matter to make sure you don't get sick.  These daily toxins we are exposed to, be it in the air we breathe or the water we wash in, even some of the foods we eat and simple daily happenings take their toll and will without doubt make us sluggish.  And because we don't live our lives in bubble wrap, we have to find ways, like cleansing, to help our bodies 'pop' and have a good dredge every now and again.

So how do we do this?  We use cleansing techniques to assist your body in getting clean.  It is NOT a fast or a bird seed regime – we eat foods that are detoxifying and very easy to digest so your system gets a little holiday and we restore with nourishing, mostly vegan ingredients.  We give you tips and ideas on how you will feel and what to do if you're struggling.  It's all mapped out for you in a easy to understand program – and here's the most important part; we start Monday 20th the of May.

You'll notice that this cleanse is slightly different that the summer cleanse.  As we move into winter, our bodies requirements change – and so, we need to adapt the recipes to reflect this and support your body as much as possible.  You'll find a lot more warming recipes and some tips moving into the cooler months.  Some of the golden oldies are still there for your eating pleasure.  It's all about fitting in with our environment and adapting to best support overall body function.

SO share this with ALL your friends – get everybody in before winter really gets here – we take a break from cleansing in winter, so this the absolutely last chance before then.  I'm so thrilled of just how many people love these cleanses!

Remember, we kick off May 20th – to register, email us at  Registration closes 13th May – we need you in early this time around to avoid disappointment. 

There's no time like today to get healthy, rid of cellulite, tone up and get that flat tummy you've been begging for!  Oh and of course – best thing you can do for your fertility ready body.

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