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Lactation induction=weight gain? Mayday, mayday!

Posted Apr 23 2009 5:26pm
Let me just say that I recognize weight gain is NOT what I should be worrying about. After all, if I was pregnant, I'd be up at least a few sizes by now.

But this new piece of information, that the protocol I'm on causes weight gain in a lot of women (at least on the message boards), is quite disconcerting. And I'm not talking 5lbs, I'm talking significant weight gain, like 15-20 lbs! That my friends, is not acceptable. After all, one of the things I cling to (sadly) is that when our little girl arrives, I'll be the envy of all other new moms still trying to lose their pregnancy weight.

The reason I went searching for this info is because since starting the bcp (birth control pill) and domperidone, I'm constantly hungry. I eat, I feel full, then half and hour later, I'm hungry. Stomach growling kind of hungry. Then if I wait too long (like only another hour) to eat, it turns into the "I'm going to collapse to my knees and cry if I don't get a granola bar in me STAT!" So I went searching on the website Dr. Newman gave me for reference, and lo and behold, there are many, many posts about this exact issue.

I've experienced the chemical-induced weight gain before and it ain't pretty. When I did my first IVF cycle I gained 10lbs from the meds, then moved right into chemo. Now many people lose weight on chemo, but not those who also have to take steroids as part of the treatment (like I did). I got the prednisone pounds...and then added a few more when cheesecake became a regular item in my chemo-diet. Suddenly I weighed more than I ever had, and my body just wouldn't let go of the weight no matter what I did.

I tried the Zone, then South Beach, lots of exercise, grapefruit...nothing. Finally I did weight watchers online and that did the trick, but it was about a year after I finished treatment. I've always been healthy and active, and even had some great abs through my twenties (genetics and a love of sit-ups). I was a competitive gymnast as a kid, and then really developed a love of exercising which served me well up to D-Day (diagnosis day). After that everything became a little less, well, strict. These days I probably spend more time in a year being active than not, but it's starting to get a little too close to being balanced evenly and that is not good.

So today after reading all those posts, it kicked my butt into high gear. I worked out at lunch and tried to have a healthy-food day. I feel good, but...still hungry. Would it have been too much to ask for a drug that causes weight loss?!?

In other news, I've posted a few new belly pics and Jenna had another great u/s today. Baby girl Brown is measuring right on target, and now weighs in at 1lb3oz. I also brought home a tape recorder so Adam and I can start recording our voices for her (Jenna's going to tape headphones to her belly). All good news - keep it coming!

21 week belly:

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