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Labor and Delivery or Whatever You Call It When You Have A C-Section

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:51pm

My water broke around ten or ten thirty Thursday night. I was on the phone with a friend discussing my brother’s newest fiasco when my phone started to die. I walked over to plug the phone in and I had this feeling that I had wet myself. I got off the phone and went to the bathroom. Nothing. Now I was sure I wet myself. I went back to my room and was about to lie down when I had the feeling again. It wasn’t a huge gush like with the Hellion but it was enough to know that my water had broken.

I called the doctor and she said I could stay home until the pain got bad or come into the hospital right away. I opted to stay home since the contractions hadn’t started yet and I could eat and drink at home. I got the last few things packed in the hospital bag while the husband ran around frantic looking for something to do. I wanted to try to get some sleep before the pain hit. He wanted to go to the hospital. I won and tried to get some sleep. I failed miserably until about 4:30 when I finally stopped coughing and passed out from sheer exhaustion. (Doctor has since come to find that I have Nighttime GERD, which is why I haven’t had any sleep in a month.) I woke up around 8, still without pain. I wanted to stay at home until 10 to see if the contractions would start on their own, but this time the husband won and off to the hospital we went.

Got to the hospital and was immediately hooked up to an IV and a monitor. Yup, no contractions. It turned out my water break was just a leak, so the doctor broke the water the rest of the way. Still nothing. Still 3 cm as well. Started Pitocin and nothing. Hours of barely noticeable contractions. They continually upped the Pitocin until all of a sudden I had hugely painful contraction that lasted a good twenty minutes. I immediately asked for an epidural and felt like I waited a lifetime still having that same contraction. The doctor came in and checked me. 4 cm but now with the bonus of unbearable pain and crying. The anesthesiologist was given the green light and after two tries, I had complete relief.

Happily and painlessly hung out for another couple of hours with the Pitocin at max output. Doctor returned and checked me again. Still 4 cm. Doctor concerned. Believes that she may have made a mistake and the baby is breech. Ultrasound wheeled in, baby not breech. Now doctor thinks that perhaps the baby is much larger than she thought she was and cannot fit. It is now almost 5pm. I have only dilated 1 cm since I arrived 9 hours before. With the Pitocin maxed out, there is no way I’m going to be able to deliver in the 24 hour window water breaking allows. We must do a c-section.

New anesthesiologist comes in immediately and does a spinal block or something like that to my epidural and I am now completely numb. I am also shaking from the drugs and sheer terror that I have to be awake during surgery and that I might feel something. It also doesn’t help that everyone keeps referring to a c-section as major surgery. Within moments I am completely prepped and being wheeled into the c-section room. I’m thinking ludicrous things like this does not seem like a sterile environment. Then we have to wait to find out whose going to go first, me or a 35 week 16-year-old whose water broke. I won and the husband was wheeled in and placed my head, wearing scrubs and sitting in a wheelchair. I’m still worrying about whether or not it’s going to hurt when I realize that they started and just neglected to tell me. I’m freaking out and continually saying things like it feels so fucking creepy. Which it did. Like I wasn’t traumatized enough when the nurse came at me with the catheter.

Next thing I know a nurse is showing me a baby. I’m shaking so hard, I’m almost convulsing and I can’t deal with how creepy it feels to have two doctors poking around inside of me. I look over, think, yup, that’s a baby and get back to my freaking out. Yes, I am mother of the year material. I vaguely hear something about 9 out of 9 on the Apgar and then the baby is handed to the husband. They are promptly wheeled away and I am left to deal with the creepiness alone. I lie there for what feels like forever with the anesthesiologist petting my head when they finally finish. The doctor explains that she has no idea why I didn’t dilate.

I hang out in recovery for an hour. My blood pressure dropped to something like 50/38 so I’m given something in my IV. I am watched until it finally gets up to 100/50 or something and am then allowed to go to the room. I’m wheeled out to find my parents, the Hellion, the husband’s parents and one of his brothers. We wave, I am kissed on the head and then I am whisked away to my room to have two nurses move my not so tiny person from the stretcher thingy to the bed. Once situated, my parents, the Hellion and the husband come in. My parents hang out until visiting hours end and then leave the Hellion behind. Then and only then do I finally get to hold my baby. After a while the baby is taken away, the husband leaves to take the Hellion home and I’m allowed some time alone for the first time in what seems like forever.

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