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just recently prescribed and taking heart medications, had protected sex, 3 days late could i be pregnant or ovulated late?

Posted by Mia A.

my past period was july 16-22. i was rushed to the hospital on the 17th. got precribed meds on th 18th. 4 different meds for my heart. cardiologist told me to change my diet from now on. no more pork, sweets, caffeinated drinks or food and foods with purine since my uric acid in my blood is also high. my bf and i had protected sex on the 25th, aug 1st and 15th. he wore a condom and pulled out while still wearing it then ejaculated on his belly or mine. now my period is 3 days late. could i be pregnant? or is it because of the meds and diet change? is it possible that i ovulated late due to the stress and the new medications? i have been feeling like im about to have my period, cramps, etc but no period yet just clear discharge. thank you.
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