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Just How Real Are You?

Posted Jan 08 2010 12:44pm
When Jennifer Lopez had her fraternal twins at age 40 and swore up and down that they were not the result of IVF, I thought, "Meh, so what if they are?"

I would love it if celebrities were more honest about their use of assisted reproductive technology [ART], but I also get it. I am open about our experiences, but not everyone is. Privacy means different things to different people. My husband, for instance, is extremely close-lipped about our use of IVF. He just doesn't think it's anyone's business but ours. So, whether J-Lo's babies were the result of IVF, IUI, or anything else, didn't really phase me. Her denial of it didn't either. I kind of figure it's her business to share or not to share, and hey, maybe her kids were the results of unassisted conception just as she claims.

Even her opinions on IVF being against God's will didn't bother me. I don't agree with her, but you know what, that's what makes the world go 'round. Her choosing not to do any sort of ART doesn't keep me or anyone else from doing it, and she wasn't offensive in her statements or judgmental of women who use ART.

What does bother me is that she is so "against" assisted reproduction, but she doesn't seem to mind playing the role of a woman who uses it in an upcoming movie. It bothers me that she will make money off of something that she claims not to agree with. She will further her career portraying something that she knows nothing about. It seems rather hypocritical. To be honest, the movie doesn't sound like something I would have seen in the theater anyway, but with her in the starring role, it's not going to even make my Netflix queue.
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