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Just a quick update...

Posted Aug 12 2008 4:20pm
I had my regular OB check up yesterday. The baby's heartbeat was 143. They were actually able to find the heartbeat using the Doppler on the outside of my belly this time. I have lost another 2 pounds. That puts my total weight loss at 16 pounds since we found out I was pregnant. I haven't gained a single pound. Which is ok. I had more than enough to spare at the beginning anyway. My next appointment is August 25th. At that time, I will have my one hour sugar test done. It consists of chugging down this wonderful tasting (yeah right!) sugary drink in about 10 minutes, waiting for an hour for your body to process the sugar and then getting your blood drawn to make sure that you don't have gestational diabetes. If I fail this one, then I have to do the 3 hour test. Which is just repeating everything every hour for 3 hours. Let's hope that I pass the first one because I hate needles!! This was a very quick appointment. We were in and out in less that 30 minutes.

Since we were already down in the city we decided to go to Show Carnival to see if we could find some sandals for Big John. This is usually impossible to do since he wears a size 15 shoe. He has had some good luck finding more than one pair of shoes in his size at Shoe Carnival though so he wanted to check there first. SO of course I let him go and look while I go to my section of shoes and start looking around. Usually, I can't find anything I like at that store. I have been looking for a pair of nice black shoes that I can wear to work. I find a few pair that I actually liked. So I tried them on and found one that I really liked. I ended up getting them in one size bigger than I usually wear so that when my feet start expanding and swelling (oh the joys of being pregnant) they will still fit. So then I went to the other side of the store to see if Big John found anything. Of course, he didn't. The only pair of sandals that they had in his size were old man sandals with velcro. So to recap: we went into the store to find Big John some sandals and I walked out with a pair of shoes. Does that sound fair to you? Yeah it does to me too...

Thanks to all who voted in my poll yesterday. And a BIG THANKS to those few that actually left me a comment. That tells me that at least 3 people read my blog other than my mom and Big John. I think the other votes were those two duking it out over if it's a boy or girl...
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