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JB was right (the first time!)

Posted Jul 14 2005 12:00am

Today, since work was very routine and nothing too exciting happened except for a short lunch meeting with "Hearts Like Hannah" infertility support group, I thought I would w rite about the canoe trip we took with our friends Dave & Lesley, and my mom & Dad when they were here last week.

Kristi said that in order to have a good blog I had to have pictures. So, I am enclosing pictures from the canoe trip to Lanesboro. I wanted to talk to you about lessons. We learned a lesson that day. We learned that JB, is, unfortunately right fairly often.

Before the trip started he told us that he didn't think my mom, dad and him in one canoe was the way to go. Dave and Lesley are "little" people. When I say little, I mean not, Huisman-size. So putting the three smallest people in one canoe, was, according to JB, not a good idea.

But we talked him out of it and, as you can see from the picture with my dad, my mom, and JB in one canoe, we went forward with our plan.

Now you can take a look at the next picture if you will. You see that in that picture I am in the canoe with my mom and JB. I will let you use your imagination when considering the series of events that took place prior to that switch. But I will tell you that it involved a tipped canoe and a wet set of parents and husband.

That's all I will say about that. I will also not say JB is always right.

Nite all!
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