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IVF Donor Eggs

Posted Sep 30 2009 7:25am
South Africa is an ideal destination for receiving donor eggs.  Several advantages exist to South African egg donation.  IVF donor eggs is a special and delicate process and deserves a cautious approach.
South African egg donation is anonymous and confidential.  The absence of any egg donor registry gives egg donation recipients full confidentiality and privacy about the type of conception.  Only the egg donation agency and egg donor clinic will be privy to the fact that egg donor X donated to egg donation recipient Y.  This is an important consideration in an egg donation program.  As much as the South African egg donor does not want to be contacted in 18 years time by an unknown being carrying her genetic material, a person receiving donor eggs may not want to disclose this highly confidential information to any one.
IVF donor eggs means that the egg donor has been carefully screened and counselled and has the best chance of enabling an egg donation pregnancy.  Egg donors' hormone levels are checked and scrutinised by medical professionals.  No chances are taken and if there is a slight indication that hormones are not suitable, the egg donor is not considered part of the egg donor program.
Affordable egg donation or cheap egg donation - South African egg donation encourages egg donors to a fixed marginal donation.  The actual costs of fertility treatment are also very affordable.  The combination of a set egg donation remuneration and cost effective fertility treatment results in the cost of egg donation carefully managed and being affordable for ordinary people.  Egg donation is affordable in South Africa!
South African egg donation means a range of available egg donors.  Depending on the exact egg donation agency - baby2mom has several medically and psychologically screened egg donors available for immediate egg donation solutions.  IVF donor eggs can happen immediately.  Extensive egg donor profiles are made available and egg donation treatment can start immediately appropriate actions are taken to reserve the preferred egg donor.  baby2mom Egg Donation and Surrogacy Programme - offers egg donation experience and egg donor program expertise of having facilitated hundreds of egg donation programs. 
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