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IVF # 5 Update: Just the shot now

Posted Nov 26 2012 3:32am
I have taken my last BCP (birth control pill). I gained eight pounds while on the pill but am hopeful that the absence of it in the system will decrease the bloating and return me to my normal weight.

Now, I am just taking lupron shots. My mood has been quite low and I had one killer migraine, but overall, I am hanging in there quite nicely. The shots are a breeze, physically speaking. I just really dislike the low emotions that I am currently fighting.

My husband is a gem. He talks me through the range of emotions, reminding me why I am feeling the way I am. That there is a chemical reason my body is not balanced. I know he is weary. But he never acts that way. I know he wants his normal wife back. But he never says so. I truly don't know how I could do life without him. He is my best friend and keeps me from tumbling over the edge of cliffs on a regular basis.

Shane and Linda went home yesterday. It was wonderful to spend Thanksgiving with them, and my kids were thoroughly blessed by having two extra people to love on them.

As for us, we are preparing to head home ot America in just a few weeks. JB and I will spend a week there and then leave the kids and head up to Rochester, Minessota for a week to complete the IVF protocol. We'll return to Florida for a closing week before returning tot he island.

(Packing for one of the hottest places in the USA in December and one of the coldest places in the USA in December is not easy. Thank goodness I don't have to do the cold part for three kids too!)

Hanging in there right now ...
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