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ive missed oct period now november i had like one time brown spotting when i wiped myself with toilet paper what does this mean?

Posted by bubbly_

im in no meds nor in birth control. my boyfriend and i have sex without a condom at first but finish off with one. ive been fatigue, sleepy, hungry (more than normally), little pain in lower back, dizzy at times, nauseous, pain around my belly button and somewhat bloated. im regular and hadnt missed a period till now. the brown spotting was just once when i woke up and went to the restroom. i havent taken a pregnancy test yet. 
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Personaly I would say you need to take that test soon because it will probably be postive.
i also think taking a test would be good. i heard a guy can preejaculate and you can get pregnant...i wish you the best of luck

From my experience. Brown discharge can be a late period that has taken too long to pass through the vagina.They colour can change due to oxegyn or has dried up before coming out. I went through this last week.. i had all pregnancy symtoms..and was late until after haveing intercourse i got brown discharge. I had it cheked and it was an infection. Your hormones are probably all over the place and most pregnancy spotting is mainly a light pink. I also have pcos which causes the word pregnancy to be thrown around....i had unbalanced hormones and that can make you think you are pregnant with all the symtoms a late period can be due to stress, change in lifestyle diet. Take a pregnancy test 2 weeks after your period would have been due. Sometimes the first few days after you missed period will give you a negative, than a blood test to confirm. But good luck x

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