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iv i took the mornin after pill 70hrs after unprotected sex then had unprotected sx again tha nite with no map cud i b preg..?

Posted by lauren

please sumone answer  me coz am really scared..!! xx
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does anyone now..? x

have you gotten an answer for this yet?  How long has it been since this happened?

My suggestion would be this:  1.  Wait to see if you get your period, only time will tell, you can't take a test this early.  2.  Stop having unprotected sex unless you are ready to take the risk of having a baby, you can not rely on the morning after pill.  3.  If you are pregnant you need to go to the doctor ASAP to make sure that their is nothing wrong with the baby, I do not know the effects that pill can have if it fails.  4.  If you are under age, then you need to talk to your parents so that they can help you through this, and if that is not an option, you need to speak to some other adult that you trust.   

I hope that everything is okay and that things workout for you.  And it soulds like this scare that you are having might have made you think a little differently about choices.  I've been there before and just speaking from experience.  Good Luck!



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