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It's not labor, it's dehydration

Posted Dec 30 2008 1:12pm
"It's not labor, it's dehydration" That's what I heard at the doctors office yesterday. How embarrassing. You'd think I'd never had kids before.

To be honest, I didn't think I was in labor. I was in severe pain though and after many hours of said pain, I needed a medical professional to tell me to drink some water. I feel better now.

I knew I was dehydrated as soon as they had me pee in a cup. Brown urine is not hydrated urine.

I was told to drink water, rest, and come back in a week. The husband is taking the advice seriously. He's gone as far as taking things off my to-do list that aren't restful. After further investigation, I realized he didn't actually do any of those things, he just deleted them from the list. Maybe he thought I wouldn't notice the house was a mess and we had no clean dishes. It's always possible, I am very tired.

I am 1 cm dilated and the baby is still high. My guess was 4 cm dilated and baby very low, but that's why the doctor has a medical degree and I am chained to a bottle of water. Looks like I'll make it to my c-section date without a problem.

My birthday and Christmas passed without incident. I got a Wii Fit from my parents for after I have the baby. They also got me some mini bottles of liquor and a gift card to a bar. Pregnant me is hard to shop for. The husband got me a laptop to use in the hospital. It won't be delivered until a week after I'm home. His intentions were good and I've never owned a laptop before, so it's still exciting. The husband also got me a new cellphone for my birthday. A Samsung Omnia. It's so much more advanced than my old cell phone, I still don't know how to work anything beyond calling and texting. He liked it so much, he went and got himself one as well.

My grandfather is still in the ICU but he's stable. They've lessened the sedation but he's still got the breathing tube, so he can watch TV but not speak. We're still waiting for him to get over the pneumonia before anyone decides what the next move is. I haven't gotten any news on him, good or bad, recently so I have to hope that someone would tell me if their had been a large change in any direction.
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