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It's like a Christmas miracle

Posted Dec 12 2008 1:23pm
My sciatica is gone. I just realized last week that I wasn't limping anymore. It's like a Christmas miracle. 29 days until my c-section. Everything is pretty much done. I just have to wash the new bottles and pacifiers and the new baby clothes. And find a place for yet another laundry basket. And finish packing my bag for the hospital, but that can't happen until probably the night before because the rest of the stuff that has to go into it I use daily.

Tomorrow is the Monster Baby's 15 month appointment. I'm going to have to upgrade her to the Monster Toddler as to avoid confusion once the new baby comes. The Hellion remains the Hellion, especially since we have begun regressing again as it becomes closer to c-section day. Being the only child for 7 years, she has some issues when we bring new babies home. She loves them, but she doesn't like that we can't give them back once they lose their novelty.

I have an appointment and ultrasound next week. I'll be getting my Group B Strep test, so maybe the doctor can tell me if the more and more frequent baby head on cervix pain is actually doing anything or not. Not that it needs to. But if we could get my water to break a week before my c-section, the new baby could be on this years taxes. I sincerely doubt my water would ever break that early, but I suppose it's always possible.

My grandfather had a heart attack after being moved to the ICU for breathing problems. The shipped him off to another hospital, where he had a quadruple bypass yesterday. So far so good. He made it through the surgery and seems to be doing well. The breathing tube should be able to come out soon. If he heals as well as the doctor hopes, he might be home for Christmas.
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