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It's been 8 weeks since my lmp and I have had 3 negative pregnancy tests. Could I still be pregnant?

Posted by deemar

I have a one year old and for this pregnancy my GP got a negative preg result but the pregnancy was confirmed by blood tests taken over a week which showed a gradual increase. This was confirmed 8 weeks after my lmp at that time and the scan at that time showed I was just 5 weeks pregnant. I have had slight spotting this time- very slight. What should I do?
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hi, i have'nt had periods after 9th nov 2009..i do have irregular period but never got this late. i did pregnancy test one was positive and when i did it 2nd time 3 days later it was negative.i do have little nausea, cramps, restlessness at night, lower abdomen pain,bloated i had a lot of white discharge but i dont have it anymore. i went to my GP and did a urine test and that was also negative. my doc asked me to get a blood test and an blood reports have come and my doc said that my hormones are perfectly estrogen is high 1000. i got an ultrasond done on the 29th dec the doc told me my right ovary is slightly bigger than the other but nothing to worry about.. it is 24th jan 2010 and still no periods. i got a thin vein like dark brown discharge on the 25th jan and a slight drop spotting a day later.. donno wat it is?

Betas are rising well when they double at or inside of 48 hours so that should ease your mind a bit.


As for the it is light and you didn't mention cramping or increasing heaviness then I'd suggest you try not to worry about it if the doc has shown no concern

I think they doubled every 2 days. Before I had my scan they advised me that the HCG level was quiet low and to expect the worst- I had a miscarriage 4 months prior to that also. The scan showed that I was at 5 weeks eventhough as I said by my dates I was 8 weeks. From what I remember the Beta numbers doubled every 2 or three days and was confirmed as a positive pregnancy 2 weeks later.

exactly how slowly did your blood beta numbers rise?




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