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it continues..........

Posted Jul 01 2008 12:00am

My charting is just getting on my last nerve. I put my chart on fertility friend, which is handy, it tells you when you ovulate etc. But sometimes it's dumb. Ok i'm expecting alot from a computer I guess but seriously. It keeps changing my ovulations date. Here is my chart:

I think I ovulated on cd 15........even though temps aren't terribly convincing. But FF is now saying cd 19 which is nuts. I had no cm or any signs of ovulation on cd 19 and I simply rather cd 15, it works for me. lol

We'll see I guess. The length of my LP will tell me when I acutally O'd. But like my wonderful dh said, if I did O on cd 19.......but I think I O'd on cd 15 that will make my LP go 4 days longer and I'll think I"m pregnant. Isnt' that a fun mind game? :)

Signs or symptoms of pregnancy? Naw........never/always have the same signs and symptoms. It's all in my head either way. At least I know that and dont' drive myself crazy looking for things that aren't there.

I will need to Call my DR b/c he has my prescription for HC running out this month and I'm not done with it. I want MORE. So it looks like a conversation will be in order. Hopefully that will go well, I'm not in the mood to argue................
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