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Is withdrawal method safe?Will I get pregnant?

Posted by ScorpionG

I am 29 y/o and my bf is 31 y/o. He has a daughter and we are both healthy.

My mestruation was last Aug 7-9.

We had sex on the below dates:

Aug 9 - Without condom (He came inside)

Aug 19 - 3 Quickies without Condom. Only Withdrawal method. And he just wipes his penis with tissue. 1 with condom but he took it out before he came because he said he can't feel nothing.

Aug 20 - 1 Quickie without Condom. Only Withdrawal method and 1 with condom

Aug 21 - 1 Quickie without Condom. Only Withdrawal method and 1 with condom

What is the percentage of me being pregnant?

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I can't tell you the percentage of your specific chances.  A healthy couple with no known reproductive issues and ideal timing only have about a 25% chance per cycle of getting pregnant. The "withdrawl" method is the least effective of the birth control methods out there.   If you guy want to "go bare" then you finding out what your personal reproductive cycle is will make things so much easier.  You'd know at what point you need to avoid intercourse (or to use protection) and what days you are "safe".

Ok back to your dates.  Since I don't know when you ovulate I am going to go with the textbook answer of cycle day 14. 

A woman's fertile window is only five days (three days before, the day of and the day after ovulation) so going with text book that would make days 11-15 your fertile window.  

Day 15 was 19August so that session(s) would  be in that fertile window. 

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