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Is this baby #2?

Posted by Happyduck

For the past few days I have been feeling very foggy...I can not think and it seems difficult to function.  Also I am feeling very fatigued.  I have had 1 baby but don't remember feeling like this.  Is this early pregnancy signs or something I should have looked at?  Thanks
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The information you provided isn't anything I need to be able to answer your question.


The info needed would be the first day of your last period, when you ovulated, what your intercourse timing was during your fertile window and the average length of your cycles. 

Also, how long as it been since the birth of your first child and how have your cycles been since then.

Im sorry I forgot that having that information is last period was december 16th, I believe I ovulated around the 30th-31st and I have been having intercorse atleast once a day.  My daughter was born  April of 2008.  My cycles have been farely regular lasting about 28 days.  Im just trying to figure out what my next step should be.  Thanks


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