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Is there a simple blood test that can be done to measure fertility in PCOS?

Posted by Pinky

I am 30 years old and have PCOS. I want a fertility test so that i can start making decisions for the future as i am not yet ready for children but i dont want to leave it too late. I saw a locum GP this morning who said unless i am trying for children i cannot have fertility testing. Is this true? I was hoping that there was a simple blood test that could be done by the practice nurse just to give me some idea of my fertility.
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No...with PCOS (and any level of fertility testing) the testing usually leads to a protocol to achieve pregnancy.  There is no simple test as it is dependant to what degree your ovaries are polycystic (at that point it will be determined what other tests will be needed) and how that is affecting the rest of your body.
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