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Is the worry of pregnancy a viable one given the details below?

Posted by nycol11432

Hello, I have a question that's been stressing me out for a few days now. My period is probably around 3 to 4 days late. I've never had actual intercourse in my life. My boyfriend and I have mutually masturbated but, there were no liquids exchanged (that I'm aware of) and, for the most part, our clothes were pretty much on (the underwear never came off). I am not on any birth control. I also had, for a while, been having a relapse into an old eating disorder and been restricting and later on purging for about 3 weeks, but now am eating significantly better (for 1.5 - 2 weeks) and not purging at all. Stress has not been a big factor in my life (at least, more than the usual). I'm relatively young and my mind can't stop jumping to wild conclusions like pregnancy. D'you think I can discount this possibility or is it a viable one. Thankyou very much.
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Based on what you've described, I would highly doubt that you were pregnant. You cannot become pregnant from masturbation. If at some point if one of you touched his semen, then your vagina, you might become pregnant , but if no fluid was exchanged, you have nothing to worry about in terms of pregnancy.
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