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Is the growth of an emryo slower if having twins & can one gestation sac be alot smaller than the other?

Posted by Sarah

Hi, I'm 6 weeks 4 days & have just had a scan which shows the sac plus one which is alot smaller but with nothing in them! The Dr said the second sac which is alot smaller could be a twin or a blood clot! And the reson for nothing in them could be miscarrage or it's an earlier pregnancy than thought. My last period was 6 weeks 4 days ago.
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I'm sorry. Also I can't believe ur doctor wouldn't tell u. I was told when I had mine my dr gave it straight forward if there isn't a fetus just a sac by this point there won't be one. So I'm sorry. I also recommend a new dr that u can trust.
Thanks for your reply Michele. I went to my normal GP & she was really nice, she did my hormone levels again to try and get some indication of what was going on but unfortunatley that didn't really help as they were 7,000 before and went up to 15,000 in 3 days! I went back for another scan at the hospital the other day (a week later) with a different Dr who was alot more helpfull, it was twins but both failed (blighted ovum) although they won't say 100% as my empty sacs are not the 20mm they should reach before they can legally say it's a miscarrage. So back for another scan next week, although i now know whats going on as i am definate of my dates. I just hope i misscarrie naturally now & soon as its been a bit of a rollercoaster! I do already have a beautifull 9 month old so i'm very gratefull- just would of liked a little play mate for her. But all things happen for a reason. Take care and all the best with your future.
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