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Is spotting normal at 6 weeks?

Posted by Emeraldcat23

I think i'm pregnant because it's been 6 wks since my LMP. i've had EXtremely sore breasts and some cramping, but no bleeding. Today, while at church, i wiped myself and noticed some redish-brown spots. Lasted maybe 5 seconds. Haven't seen it the rest of the day. Am I pregnant? Should i be worried? is this normal at 6 wks.
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it is very possible that your body is still adjusting... it takes a few months for some women while others bounce right back.

I think you should look into charting. It will help you know what is norm with you and your cycle and maybe pinpoint if its delayed ovulation.

my period was delayed. I don't understand why. Maybe because I had my mirena out in December after having it in for 4 years. Maybe it's still adjusting?


Have you taken a test?


It is the only way to know really.  You could have had delayed ovulation or an annovulatory cycle

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