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is it safe to get pregnant with gallstones?

Posted by Monica Ballan M. Facebook

i'm 30 years old.....i got one son...who is 7 yrs old! now i want another baby. Last year i had a gallstones (about 2.4cm 2.6cm) is safe for  me to have another baby even if i have a gallstone problem? 
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yes it is fairly safe but their are things that can happen u can gallbladder attacks which im sure u have had before or you could end up getting it removed during the pregnancy but normally they like to wait until after delivery to do so. unless a gall stone gets stuck in the duct of the gallbladder then it may have to be removed. but u shouldnt have any problems but u can also talk to ur doctor and they will tell u more of what could happen and whether or not its safe for you to concieve. good luck :D

1st attack of my gallstones where march last year...u had a pain on my lower right side of my ribs and bloating like my stomach is always full with air and food.  second attack was sept last year only slight pain  but not bloating .....i wish attack wont happen again....

i already talk to our family internist and OB-GYN dok about my condition ...they told me to loose weight more and have some of my fats burn  before getting pregnant.  dotors told me that i don't need to get operated yet because the pain i felt are slight only and seldome and most of all i dont have any infections yet....hope good things  happen to me woth the guidance of i scared for me and the baby condition......

now i'm eating bananas like 10 bananas a day my friend told me that banana's had a fat buring i give it a try! 

thanks you and God bless

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