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Is it possible that my girlfriend may be pregnant?

Posted by terrynorr

My girlfriend was due to come onto her period just over a week ago, she is normally regular at around 28 days, however nothing yet despite feeling like she is coming on for the past few days.

She has been having cold symptoms, dizziness spells, tiredness, headaches, abdominal bloating, slight nausea, mood swings, breast tenderness, swollen feet in the evenings and most worryingly no period yet.

Her last  period started on the 6th November and was due on around the 4th December. We have always been careful, using condoms however the last time we had sex, around the 18th November the condom split.

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Has she taken a test?
Yes, last week but it came back negative

her ovulation may have been delayed or not happened at all. 


I can't really say because there are alot of reasons for a period to be "late" besides pregnancy. 

She should make an appointment with her GYN.


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