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is it possible that i might be pregnant

Posted by nchachie

i did bleed i thought it was just a lite  or irregular period but now im not sure my boyfriend thought i was pregnant but i didnt i took 3 tests trying to convince him i wasn't pregnant. the first was negative and the last 2 was positive and he pointed out the fact that i've been going to the bathroom more often the past few weeks and reminded me i've been constantly complaining about back pains and stomach cramps and occasionally dizzyness or nausia he says he has a gut feeling i am but i just dont feel it i just cant help but feel that there's some other reasons for me experiancing those symptoms
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The first test may have been negative befcause it was too early to take the pregnancy test.  If you've had more positive pregnancy tests, then you are very likely pregnant.  Go to the doctor and get a blood test to be 100% sure.
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