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Is it possible I am pregnant?

Posted by ashleyalms

For the past two weeks I have been really bloated, and for me it's really noticeable for I am 5'0 89 pounds, I am also 20 years old. My measurements are 29-23-28, or were since I am so bloated now, just so you can get the idea, (I will also post pictures so you can see the difference in me). I have also been severely tired, I want to do nothing but sleep, all day and night, and if I don't I feel exhausted and out of it and like my body isn't mine. I don't get like this during the winter, I actually am more awake because I like how bright it gets with the snow. For a week and a half I was having really severe nausea, everything I ate or drank would make me feel like throwing up, and a lot of smells would too, and it would be instant. The nausea has settled down a lot, but it's still here, and I still experience it after eating and drinking, it just doesn't hinder me anymore. I am still the same with smells as well. When I think about eating certain foods I get really sick to my stomach and I've never been this way. I have also been getting random headaches at random times of day, and they've been bad but only last for a short time. At times I get really shaky and dizzy. Sometimes it's just shaky and others it's just dizzy. My poop schedule has changed as well, I'm not pooping as often, which was once every day, now it's once every other day. In the past, when I have to pee and poop at the same time I get really bloated and after I go to the bathroom i'm back to my flat stomach, and that is no longer the case. Sex has also felt really really different, but I've heard from most women that that tends to happen later on, but could this be happening sooner for me since I am so tiny? (I can wear little girls clothes as small as 18 months, I even own some little girl undies cause they fit me great, and they're a size 4/5). Could being really tiny also effect HPT results? If it helps any, I was a drug baby, could that have an effect too?
I would also like to say I was on birth control and I stopped mid pack because I couldn't take being on it anymore. It was the pill. I've stopped taking several different birth controls and have never experienced anything like this after stopping, especially after the pill, and I stopped taking this brand before and have never gone through this. I've read that if you have sex within 7 days of stopping or missing 3 pills mid pack, you are at a high risk for being pregnant.

I used to be 85 pounds and have gained 4 pounds, and even my fiance has said that it looks like I'm gaining weight, but I'm one of those people that doesn't gain weight, no matter what and I've tried everything to gain weight, except pregnancy until now, maybe. I apologize that this is so long, but here's some pictures, before and now.

This is now, next is then

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