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Is it harder for a body to maintain 2 embryos vs one?

Posted by Emma D. Facebook

Ive never been pregnant after years of trying and 3 failed IUIs.  We did our 1st IVF w/ PGD testing in hopes for a girl.  I had 8 embryos all graded 5AA or 5BA.  7 were healthy but of those, only 1 embryo was a girl. :( (terrible odds!) We ended up transfering a boy and our only girl on day 6.  Boy was graded 6AA and girl was 6BA.  My lining was only 8.7 and I did introlipids for high natural killer cells.  Now Im second guessing myself that perhaps I should have only put one embryo in so that my body was less taxed and had a better shot of the girl implanting and carrying to term.  I know its no use crying over spilled milk but statistically would my odds have been better to get the girl if I had just put in the girl embryo?  Or, does one embryo not affect the other in terms of the environment?  Thanks!
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