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is having a good count of progesterone prevent miscarriage?

Posted by janicemarie

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I found this on the internet for you....I would ask my OB this question at my next appointment!

If you don't already know, progesterone is a hormone associated with the menstrual cycle. Levels of progesterone rise after ovulation and fall just before you get your period; in pregnancy, the progesterone level should stay elevated.

Progesterone works to maintain the uterine lining and thus indirectly nourish the developing baby, so one theory is that low progesterone could mean an insufficient uterine lining. For this reason, some doctors prescribe progesterone supplements to women who have had miscarriages in the hopes that the supplements might reduce risk of miscarriage. The jury is still out on whether progesterone supplements actually work to prevent miscarriage.

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