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Is condom safe even in fertile periods?

Posted by Ruel

I had sex (protected) (condom) with my girlfriend last feb 9 and she on the 32 day cycle bec. she had her mens last jan22. so its her 19th day and im unaware its the boarder line of her fertile period. we used a lot of foreplay, she gives oral to me and kiss me and i finger her and i noticed she's wet the time i inserted my finger to her.. so we decided to go intercourse. i put my condom and while doing the sex i felt that that i could cum any minute so stooped from  the missionary position and do  the rear entry to her and then i felt that im about to cum so i said to her masturbate me so she did,,then i semen was encapsulated in the pouch of the tip of the condom (reservoir tip) and then i touched it and i was shocked there was a sticky clear substance and using my point finger and thumb its really sticky like in the cervical mucus test. so funny speaking i inflated the condom to test it and it seems there's no problem my semen wasn't leaking or something..i was worried that the condom broke or something or i had a precum.. but friend tells me maybe its her vaginal fluid. pls help me cause im worried she's might get pregnant. HELP.. give me answers.
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