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Is brown discharge normal?

Posted by Amber206

I am almost 9 weeks pregnant and just recently been having very small amounts of brown discharge and when i go to the bathroom there is a few pink spots on the tiolet paper (for about 3 days now). This is the first time I have ever been pregnant and I am extremely worried. I have no cramping, but I also am not experiencing morning sickness or any other type of pregnancy syndromes except for extremely sore breasts and being very tired all the time. I keep reading thats it normal, or that its a sign of an m/c! I am totally confused and scared so help me out please!!!!
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discharge is normal as is spotting in early pregnancy. Brown generally indicated old blood which usually comes from a kind of pocket that forms from when the placenta forms-  meaning it is resolving it self


As long as you don't have red flow accompanied by pain it should all be good


 I am also going through the same thing. I did home pregnancy test on Saturday caused I missed my period  and the test came positive. Today I had brown discharge coming out and I phoned my Doctor to tell him about what happened and the test that came positve and he said I must not worry it is normal. Due to work I will not be able to go see my Doctor I can only go and see him on Saturday and I was very worried that is why I called him to find out and he said I must not worry. Last year December I had an actopic pregnancy so that is why I am so worried.
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