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is a clear white discharge a a early sign of pregnancy..? even 2 days after intercorse? is it to early to tell?

Posted by belle

about 4 days ago now me and my boyfriend slept together. the condom broke during use and we didnt realize for a fair 10 minutes. the next day i got a clear white discharge and have been feeling neasous for the past few days and alot of fatigue.
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clear white discharge is indicative of ovulation.. not pregnancy.

The time after that is when progesterone becomes the dominant hormone in a woman's hormone cycle...with that comes side effects that are exactly that of early pregnancy.

Since it appears that this particular session occured during your fertile window then your chance at conception is the same as it would for any healthy couple not using protection/trying to get pregnant at 25%

me also but i've had breast tenders, eating every 10minutes,with white creamy stuff in my virgina,an feel very tire and bloated,also my husbsnd tried to nutt on do you think om pregnant.
i had ruffly simular only a had a crimson colour spot in the discharge that looks see through strechy white please help me understand what this means as i have had children priviously and this has never happened before 
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