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is 41/2 weeks too soon to see the baby via sonogram?

Posted by furrybabe1

 thank you for your prompt and accurate response. since my first beta i hv been chking every two days. my last one is upto 3770. my dr. did two sonograms and couldnt confirm a heartbeat. she said she is now beginning to see a tiny sac and and something very hazy now beginning to form in the sac but, she wont be satisfied until she sees a heartbeat. i want to know is it normal to not see anything this soon or this something i should ber concerned about. also i hv been taking metforming for one mth because i hv polycystic ovaries. however, she told me to continue for 12 more weeks but, im nervous because im not diabetic. should i still be taking it? they said the heps the growth of the baby.
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you won't see a heartbeat on a ultrasound til about 8wks.  What they would look for before that point would be a fetal pole and gestational sac.... and if they are tracking then they would look for development within the sac (as there can be a pole and sac but the sac can be empty to make sure the pregnancy is viable). 


If they are familar with your medical history and what is going on with your PCOS then I'd go with what they direct ya to take.

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