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Introducing Sharon Chung and a Notox box giveaway!

Posted Jul 19 2013 10:09pm

by mnfadmin on July 17, 2013

Sharon Chung, founder of Notox Box, started her website as a positive space for people to discover the best of healthy living.  Having struggled with food intolerances and chemical reactions, Sharon took many years to build her knowledge and replace her products. Along the way, she found so many people wanting to choose healthy better products, but they didn’t know where to start, or didn’t have the time to read labels and sort through all the different products out there.  Sharon set out to make it easy to discover the best healthy & eco products around, all in the one place.




How did notox box come about?      

      When I started, I was completely overwhelmed, spending hours reading labels and research. I sorted out the products I loved through trial and error, taking years to find the ones that worked best for me. I thought there had to be an easier way!


      There wasn’t, so I decided to create it. I found lots of people finding it hard to be healthy, because they didn’t have the time or were confused reading labels. And that’s how Notox Box came about. I wanted a place that made it easy for people to look after themselves, to discover products that worked for them, and make the switch to healthy safer products.   


What do you love most about what you do?

I love the people I meet. I’m very lucky! I get to work with inspiring people and meet new people who inspire me all the time. I’m amazed at how generous people are with their time, knowledge and their own stories.

I get to talk with fantastic suppliers, some who have been in business for decades. I hear how they’ve just mixed a batch of ingredients by hand, or how they go on adventures finding the best ingredients possible. 

I speak with practitioners to hear how different treatments and products have worked. And our members, many who have started their own health & wellness journeys. People who have taken action to make their lives healthier and happier.   


What is your fave go to meal on the run?

Ooh, so hard to choose one. For breakfast, I’m a fan of green smoothies because they’re so quick, you can vary it up, and they’re nutritious. I mix it up with different vegetables, greens, or superfoods for an extra boost. For dinner, I love simple Asian food. So a steamed fish with tamari, ginger & shallots, or a stir fry always works for me. 

I carry snacks with me all the time, so I can munch on something when I’m out and about. It might be a handful of nuts, some raw balls or a good quality snack bar we have in store.  


 What is your favourite quote?

Be the change you want to see in the world.


What's the one thing you want the world to know? Your message?

Find what makes you happy, and try do it forever.


What are your essential notox products?

There’s so many things I love at the moment.  We keep finding really great stuff to add to the shop.  Food fuels the body, so I love all kinds of organic and local food because it tastes better, and I know I’m getting the best quality of food there is. I’m loving coconut oil in my beauty routine at the moment too. It’s good for so many things, as a body moisturiser, make up remover and even deodorant.



Sharon has generously given us 3 notox boxes to giveaway. All you need to do is tell me in the comments below why you'd like to win. It's that easy. We will draw the winners next Wednesday the 24th July. As an extra bonus Sharon would like to offer you 10% off all products (excluding the notox box).  For your discount simply enter the word pagodatree at the "Redeem Discount Coupon" field at checkout.



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