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Intact is "In"

Posted Aug 23 2010 12:00am

Yaaay!!! Intactivists and newborn American males rejoice! The latest findings from the CDC conclude that U.S. circumcision rates have seen a sharp decline this decade.

CDC Reports Steep Decline in U.S. Circumcision Rates

"The CDC has reported that circumcision rates in the US have fallen sharply
over the last decade—from 56% of newborn boys circumcised in 2006, to 33% in
2009. Declines are being attributed to the American Academy of Pediatrics
statement in 1999 that "existing data [was] not sufficient to recommend routine
newborn male circumcision" and reduced insurance coverage of the surgery—among
other factors."

This is AWESOME news for our baby boys. But it also brings a lot of interesting thoughts to mind for me...

The one that stood out most in my mind when I read the percentages...from 56% in 2006 to 33% in 2009 was this....Thirty-three percent. That means that the number of intact males has now surpassed the number of circumcised males. To me, that's a big deal for our society because it means that the main argument I've heard from mostly all parents I've talked to about no longer valid. Most parents start by explaining that it's healthier, cleaner, etc. But when slightly challenged on those views back away from them quickly because there is really no valid evidence to support them. The next reason most parents site for circumcising their son (sadly) is so that he doesn't look "different". Different from his father, different from other boys, different from society.

If our circumcision rates have fallen to 33%, this means that circumcised penis' have now become the "different". Which is really the way it's always been (speaking in a worldwide sense). Only now, it's right in our backyard.

There's a HUGE delusion in our society that an intact penis is strange, or different, or the "other". It's a completely false assumption. An assumption that has developed here in the U.S. when it was true back in the 50's and 60's, and unfortunately has lingered on into present day. Now, I'm hopeful and confident that that assumption will begin to dissipate with the CDC's new findings, and more and more of our baby boys will be keeping the vital body parts they were born with.

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