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Instead, instead - a fertility aid?

Posted Oct 13 2009 10:05pm
Have you ever seen those Instead Softcups that women use during their periods? They are an unpopular alternative to tampons for period protection that look a little like a diaphragm, except that the “cup” part is a little deeper. Personally, the thought of using one of those small inserted cups during my period turns my stomach a bit, but to each her own.

Anyway, I ran across a fertility tips and tricks Web site yesterday that actually promoted them as a fertility aid. I guess the idea is that instead of using them during your period, you can use them after having sex as a way to hold the sperm in around the cervix. The other way to use them is by having a man directly deposit his semen into the cup and the woman inserts it herself. I guess it’s like an at-home version of an artificial insemination.

Adding even more interest to this potential baby-enhancing method is that there were 41 testimonials of people who sang its praises for working. One woman even commented that she’d been TTC for four years and got pregnant using it.

Who knows if it’s real or fake, but for $5.95 plus shipping and handling, I might be willing to give it a shot.
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