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Posted Feb 21 2014 12:00am

When a couple is diagnosed  as having infertility issues,  the woman is the first to wonder what could be wrong with her, the man is usually looked at secondary.  In my case, my husband was  examined long after I was diagnosed. Male Infertility contributes to a couple’s infertility quite significantly with  up to 80% of cases  cannot be diagnosed or treated. This is why according to an article in Medical News Today,  a team of Bay Area  Researchers is examining  the factors both physchological  and biochemical which tells when sperms are fertile and infertile. Read more by following the link below:-
From the Article “At the 58th Annual Biophysical Society Meeting, which took place Feb. 15-19, 2014, in San Francisco, Calif., the team presented its work to identify and characterize proteins known as ion channels, which are crucial for sperm fertility and expressed within a sperm cell's plasma membrane. To study ion channels, the researchers are recording the electrical activity of sperm ion channels under strictly controlled conditions.”
Overall, the findings from this research could prove crucial in future development  of  new pain management therapies  as well as diagnostic tests and treatments for male infertility.

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