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Infertility a great new gift for the holidays

Posted Oct 24 2009 12:00am

Well theres another possible little bitch glitch in our IVF game, what's new?

It seems I may be going home to take care of some business in December and I will have to be gone for like a month. (expense) So IVF gets put on hold.

I have not yet done any of the intended immune testing (expense), but I think I should try to get the tests done before I leave so this way they will be done, we will know what we have to address if anything and if I have any questions and if I wanted to talk to someone in the US (expense) about it I will have my results.

We were planning to start IVF this month, AF is here (yesterday) and we did not do anything. If I start injections next month, November, retrieval would fall like early December when I am planning to travel.

So, if i come back mid January, then that puts us into February's period, with retrieval being like in March, when my Mother is coming. I'd actually like to be happy and not the crying little bitch I turn into when I am doing a cycle.

I guess we could start in January (expense), but I will have just got home 2nd week or so in January, could be a little hectic? But I think that is the best scenario, maybe.

Oh the fun this infertility brings us, scheduling to try to get pregnant, and not even scheduling the "fun stuff" like before. Today the reality is scheduling injections (expense) and drugs (expense) and depression (not a monetary expense, but an expense) and hormones (expense), don't you just love it. I do.

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