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Posted by baybeej

ive been trying for a baby for 2months, im on folic acids and a healthy diet but nothings working :(  its getting very depressing...what do you think is wrong with me????
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Two months of trying does not an infertile make.  Generally speaking a woman/coupleis considered to have some level of infertility if they have been trying to conceive with adequate timing for over 12 months (6 months if a woman is over the age of 35).

Anything less than that and it is considered to be well within the range of normal.

Taking folic acid isn't to help your fertility but to help in baby development should a woman conceive.  

Are you tracking your cycles? Do you know if and when you ovulate? How is your intercourse timing in your fertile window?


an FYI: A perfectly healthy couple with no known fertility issues and perfect timing only have a 25% chance at successful conception and implantation per cycle.

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