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Improving Implantation: Embryo Transfer

Posted Mar 25 2013 1:59pm
There are few outcomes more frustrating than calling a patient who has failed to conceive in spite of the transfer of top quality embryos. I usually break down the factors into: 1) transfer technique, 2) endometrial receptivity and 3) embryo issues.

Embryo Transfer:
The goal of all transfers is to perform the transfer in an atraumatic fashion and to get out of the room without the patient peeing on you. In 16 years I have yet to have a patient urinate on me during an embryo transfer, but this is not to say that some of them did not fantasize about getting some payback.

We perform all embryo transfers under ultrasound guidance. For 16 years I have performed all embryo transfers to the accompaniment of Sam Cooke's classic ballad "You Send Me."

The reason for this choice is a story for another time but I am reminded of the line that John Candy uttered in the 1984 movie hit "Splash": "Hey, when something works, I stick with it..."

However, I have had some patients who have rarely requested a different soundtrack to their procedure and so I guess that I need to come up with a backup plan. Recently, I was presented with a request to go with the antithesis of Sam Cooke. I sat there and pondered for a moment while I scrolled through my iPhone 4. Another Sam Cooke ballad would be too similar.

I needed something appropriate to reproductive medicine...and with a driving beat and preferably a song from the 70s or 80s....So I chose.... "Love Shack" by the B-52s. Although we argued about the actual lyrics in this MTV favorite, it ultimately seemed like a good choice since the patient did conceive. For the record, I thought that the lyric in question was not "Tin roof....rusted," since I was sure that I had seen an interview with the band stating that the original lyric was total gibberish and made up on the spot without any consideration given to making it fit the song. Perhaps, I am totally confused on this point.

So ultimately the key is to play music that has the embryos best interest at heart. These two songs work for me. If you are not having any luck, then consider asking your RE to play one of these songs at ET...just don't tell him/her it was my idea....

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