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im wanting to know how to start inducing labor,im about 37.5 weeks

Posted by angelgirl266

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you would need to speak to your physican/ OB

I recommend that you do some research on inductions. They aren't as safe as one would think. Your baby's normal gestational period (time it spends in the womb) can be anywhere between 265 & 300 days. You may be uncomfortable & just "done" with being pregnant, but if you & your baby are healthy, it would be a good idea to let your labor happen naturally when your body & your baby are ready. Typically, if you induce & your body & baby aren't ready to go into labor, you can end up with a long, difficult labor with lots of interventions & maybe even a c-section. If you're uncomfortable & you want to try natural induction methods, acupuncture & prenatal massage are good options. They won't make you go into labor if you're not ready, but if you're right on the edge of starting, then they can get your body going.

 Allowing your baby to remain in the safest environment (your womb) for as long as possible ensures that your baby will be born with less chance of complications & need for assistance for breathing. Google "induction", "risks of induction"  & see what you come up with.

 37.5 weeks is pretty early. Most 1st time moms go into labor on average at 41 weeks & 3 days. Most 2nd time moms go into labor sometime in their 40th week. Have patience & your baby will be here before you know it.

 IF you do decide to get induced, make sure you do not get Cytotec. It is a very dangerous drug for induction. Again, google it & learn what the risks of using Cytotec are.

 You're a parent already to that little baby inside you. Do as much research as you can about your options so that you can make sure you have the healthiest baby possible & the healthiest outcome for you so you can really enjoy your baby.

 Take care & all my best--Carol

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