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im having ovulation problems and i have PCOS, how do i get pregnant when i don't know when i'm ovulating? we really want a baby.

Posted by kerri_1108

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I had PCOS too and was trying for 2 two years but it'd didn't happend. The last thing I tried was "acupuncture". I did 3 months treatments about 25 visits. There were not cheap ( I spent about $4000) but definitely A LOT A LOT cheaper compare to In vitro fertilisation (IVF. I heard that the average IVF cost is $12,000. 

I now have 5 months old boy. Good luck to you! Don't give up.

One more thing, try to eat as much ORGANIC stuffs as you can.

PLEASE try this, it's CHEAPER than IVF and! It can make your marriage ties stronger (gasp)!!

I don't know how old this post is, but I have PCOS (and have had it for ten years) and was TTC for about a year when my husband and I went to a fertlility specialist. I was on Clomid for two months and became pregnant. With PCOS, you have trouble ovulating, with clomid, you just have to find the right dosage, and follow the doctors orders, when they say have sex on certain days, do it. It works, I'm living proof!
Oh, yeah, I forgot, the clomid is only about $6.00 a month, pretty cheap.
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