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Im confused whether im pregnant or not?

Posted by bex_1990

Me n my boyfriend had unprotected sex a couple of times in the month of feb. I was due to start my period on the 1st of march. on the 1st i had really light bleeding and just brown stuff, not even enough to wear anythin for. thinking it was jus a slow start to the period i didnt worry. this stopped by the morning of the 2nd. ive felt unwell for about a week now, really pale, headaches, feeling sick when i eat, some cramps and the feeling im actually bleeding when im not, almost like a heavy feeling down there. im aware some of these can be symptoms of pregnancy, so i took two preg tests. one on the 3rd of march, and one on the 4th. both negative, its now the 5th, the cramps i had have almost stopped completely and the heavy feeling is getting worse. im jus a lil confused about it all, if anyone can help with there opinions that would be great cheers.
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