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im a coffe drinker will that affect me to get pregnat and am i in a high risk on haveing a misscarriage

Posted by pirates

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No if you are otherwise healthy it should not affect conception at all. It is recommended, however, that the level of caffeine be reduced to like a cup a day (a regular cup-not the large ones they sell at Starbucks).

Caffeine probably does affect the heart-rate a bit but as long as you are moderate there shouldn't be an issue in my personal opinion.

Women who are pregnant or attempting to get pregnant should avoid excessive caffeine consumption, which may increase the risk for a variety of fertility problems. The key to good health is balance- so if you are a coffee fan, just make sure you keep a tab on how much you have. Coffee can be your friend as well as your enemy i.e. it can be good as well as bad too. To read about it see

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