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Im 38 weeks pregnant and 5 days and was wondering if these red itchy bumps on my stomach are signs of labor being close

Posted by nini172

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well im also 38 weeks and i have those little red itchy bumps too they get on my nerves but ive had them since i was about 33/34 weeks and im still prego so i dont think that they are but to be sure ide ask ur doc she would know more :)
You could have a pregnancy rash called PUPPS. They usually develop in the 3rd trimester on the abdomen- in and around stretch marks. They are red bumps and they can itch like crazy. It can be due to male fetal DNA reacting to your body, I think up to 70% of women who suffer from PUPPS have male babies. Look into it more and see if the symptoms apply to you. It would be worth it to mention it to your doctor. Although there is no "cure"(other than deliver) there are topical medications the doc can prescribe. If you are like me, and have a fairly mild case, you may only need a tube of maximum strength cortisone cream from Walgreens. You'll have your baby in no time, so you won't suffer long! Unfortunately, the development of PUPPS is not an indicator for labor starting soon. But you don't have much longer anyway. Good Luck!
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