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Im 14 days late for my period could i be pregnant?

Posted by mandi09

Hi there, I am 14 days late and on day 12 of being late got brown/pink spotting. The spottings only lasted 3 days and had no flo to it, i only had a lil bit of pink when wipeing and my normal menses are very heavy where as this was light. My last menstral was Nov 11th. I had unprotected sex nov 17th,30 Dec 9th,16th and was due for next menstral Dec 12th. I have been very tired and moody, had mild cramping and back aches. I tested on Dec 20th urine test came up neg but i didnt get spotting till Dec 23rd late at nite. My bodys acting weird and im just wondering how soon i can test. would it be too soon to test if that was implantation bleeding, if i conceived on the 9th or 16th? and is that even possable?
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