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if im 22 weeks pregnant how old is the baby?

Posted by missin my marine

im 22 weeks pregnant but last week my ultrasound said the fetus was 20 weeks 4 days! that would make him 21 weeks now is that correct?
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If your dating from your last missed period then the growth would be approx 2 weeks behind.

This is because more women know when their last missed period was rather than the window of time in their cycle that they ovulated. 


So, the first two weeks in the LMP dating is just a regular follicular phase (the cycle beginning with your period/flow then working toward developing and eventually releasing an egg).

Then conception occurs approximately 2 weeks from the start of the cycle provided that you ovulate approx cycle day 14.  This is why (if they are dating LMP instead of ovulation date) you say you are 22 wks and the baby measures 20- which is fine. They will probably adjust your due date accordingly. 


I hope this answers your question

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