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If a doctor is monitoring my progestrone levels is that the only blood test that can predict ovulation?

Posted by Cora

I hear a lot about a test that can tell the women how many more eggs she has left does this test exists? I heard it and saw it on a t.v. series called Private Practice? My doctor said dont take the test serious?
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There are several tests that can be used in combination to "kind of" tell what you ovarian reserves are ...though there are always women who get bad news from those tests and still get pregnant and others who get good numbers who can't. They are markers for what your body is doing, and what stage it is in... try not to get too caught up, but if you ever have doubts, a second oppinion from another doctor is never a bad idea. We changed fertility docs because of some insensative comments our first doc made and we are sooo glad we did! ( I am 41 years old, have only one ovary, and am 5 weeks pregnant after 1 IVF cycle. We are receiving excellent care).
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