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i was done bleeding on the 5th day of my period had intercourse and started bleeding for the evening could i be pregnant

Posted by jennifer

I am trying to get pregnant had a period for 5 day had intercourse that night and when i wiped i had blood and he did to . Could i be pregnant?
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Did you stop full flow on CD (Cycle Day) 5 or did you have spotting at that point.  So close to the end of your bleed would lead me to believe that it is remnants.. the trickling off so to speak.

The other option would be that sex may have cause an irritation of the cervix- which would lead to some bleeding as well. 

Was the blood brownish or red?

Tell me (if you don't mind): on average how long are your cycles? Do you know when you ovulate? Are you regular?

(this info would help me to better answer your question. I'd like to give you the possiblities)

it was red blood. my periods usually last 5 days to 7 days usually 5. I hadn't bleed that much and at that time i thought i was done one month i will start 28 days next month 24 days this was the 28 day cycle I had stopped full flow like the 4th day I have no idea when i ovulate

I am leaning more toward an irriation of one/both the cervix and vaginal canal.

Provided that your tend to average between 24-28 days I would guess that (with a healthy luteal phase-the time after ovulation) your ovulation tends to take place between CD12-CD15 with a 14 day luteal phase.

If you are concerned still (as sometimes in early pregnancy there is minor bleeding) then go ahead and take an HPT if it will ease your mind :)

I hope this helps ya... if you want to know how to track your cycles I would reccommend  reading "taking charge of your fertility" by Toni Weschler.  It may seem like alot at first but it really is very informative and once you know what to look for it is very easy.

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