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I was bleeding about 20 days after my last period and my husband and I are trying to conceive. I also have morning sickness sign

Posted by miller

we are ttc had sex a very lot more than usual and during ovulation,my last period was on 9th june and on 28th june had some pinkish blood only a little when i wiped my self and same on 29th a bit darker red did a hpt on 29th but was negtive is it too early for  a test to show up,not had no period symptoms was feeling sick on 27th,28th,29,in the morning,and i feel VERY bloated already have a 9 year old boy,

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Home pregnancy tests sometimes claim they can show results the first day after your missed period. But you should wait about a week after your missed period to get an accurate reading from a home pregnancy test. You should go to your doctor and get tested.
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