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I was a week and a half late, but then had a very very light period for about 2 days....Could i be pregnant?

Posted by sky34

Hi there i am worried that i may b pregnant as i was about a week and a half late for my period wen i suddenly had a very very light period, which consisted of wot should of been the end of my period as there was not really enough to even fill half a pad. I have heard the stories of being pregnant and still having slight periods and also of woman who have gone the whole 9 months without knowing due to having a period. I have taken 3 or 4 preganancy tests but all have been negative, altho this also happend to me with my second child i took 5 tests and all were negative until i had a blood test at the docs.

Any advice or answers would be helpful thanks 


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the same thing is happening to me but ive had a positive result a week before i had that period like thing it only spotted my pad though and lasted for three days but idk now but u could be pregnant i would go and get that blood work done considering it was accurate for your first child good luck
Request a blood beta test from your physican
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