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I've taken plan B, and have had three normal periods since then, could I be pregnant?

Posted by Unsure

I took plan B in the first week of July. The next week I had my period early. And have continued to have normal periods each month. But I'm still concerned because I have hardness in my stomach sometimes. And to make it worse it moves(to one side or the other) if I push down on it a little bit. I don't know if this means I'm constipated or pregnant. Help me please? Because a pregnancy test isn't really an option, nor is going to PP( it's far away).
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the bleed directly after you took plan b was the medication doing what it is supposed to do.  You've had three normal cycles since then so I would look toward a digestive issue.
Thank you! :) That's what I've assumed too.. I'm increaseing Fiber in my diet to see if it helps with things.
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